Minutes Text

Harriman Public Library
Board Meeting Minutes 02-10-22
The meeting was called to order by Mary Kaye Eisenberg at 5:05
Those present: Mary Kaye Eisenberg, Bear Tidwell, Julie Garland, Lonnie Wright, Rachel Wright,
Carmen Eubanks, Tammie Edwards, and Nikki Branam-Snyder
Minutes were read and motion made to approve by Bear Tidwell, seconded by Julie Garland –
Financial Report was read and motion made to approve by Julie Garland, seconded by Rachel
Wright – approved.
Citizens Comments- Per Bear Tidwell – HVAC unit on hold for now; will possibly be replacing
lights with LEDs – need to find ones that are historically correct
Ocoee Regional Library Report – Reviewed training opportunities and Tennessee St andards.
Rachel to discuss Teen Advisory Board with Connie
Old Business:
1. New Board Members- Per City Manager will be on the agenda for the March City
Council meeting. Will choose 2 of the 3 submitted.
2. ARPA Tech Grant – new web page
3. Unattended children and conduct policy – Motion made to approve as written by
Lonnie Wright, seconded by Bear Tidwell – approved
4. Adding another camera in children’s department – there is one spot left in the
existing system. Bear will supply and install camera. Motion made to approve adding
camera by Lonnie Wright, seconded by Rachel Wright – approved
5. Digitization of microfilm – USB drives; $90 per roll – 60 rolls from the Harriman
Record and 152 rolls from the Roane County news plus miscellaneous. USB drives
will be stored in a case in the safe and also copied to a hard drive. Motion to go
forward with digitization of microfilm made by Bear Tidwell, seconded by Lonnie
Wright -approved
6. Mission Statement – change wording to no part -time staff at present. Motion to
approve the Mission Statement with updates made by Bear Tidwell, seconded by
Lonnie Wright- approved
New Business:
1. Painting the Adult Fiction room (fireplace room) – 3 estimates were received to fix
the plaster and paint -1 was approved by the city manager
2. Window washing – asked city to have it done
3. Children’s library report – none
4. Board and library remarks – Knitting class by Rachel Wright – Possible date of March
22 or 29; 10 people maximum; yarn and needles will be approximately $10/person –
Friends group money will contribute $100 for material; there will be a $5 deposit for
the class which will be refunded on attendance; will advertise on Facebook, city
webpage, BBC, and the newspaper.
Motion to adjourn at 6:18 by Bear Tidwell, seconded by Rachel Wright
Next meeting -April 14, 2022