Any customer that has privileges suspended under terns of this policy may request a reevaluation.

The library will serve all residents of the community. Service will not be denied or abridged because of religious, racial, social, economic, or political status.

1.The use of the library or its services may be denied for due cause including:

  1. Failure to return library materials,
  2. Failure to pay penalties, or pay for or replace damaged materials
  3. Destruction of library property,
  4. Disturbance of other patrons, and/or
  5. Any other objectionable conduct on library premises.

2. Suspension of Privileges for Health and Safety Reasons

  1. It is the responsibility of the Harriman Public Library to maintain a healthy and clean environment for all Library users and to protect the City’s investment in Library collections, equipment, and property. In order to fulfill this responsibility, the Library may restrict a patron’s ability to borrow materials and/or visit Library facilities when such use may jeopardize the health and cleanliness of Library facilities, collections, and patrons.
  2. Examples of situations where borrowing of materials may be suspended include, but are not limited to: evidence that items on loan to a patron may have been return with insects that are known to be damaging to library materials, or that can result in pest infestations in library facilities, e.g., roaches, silverfish, bed bugs, fleas, lice, and some types of beetles.
  3. Examples of situations where access to Library facilities may be suspended include, but are not limited to, a patron or a patron’s possessions having fleas, lice, or bed bugs, OR a patron with clothing that is stained with urine or feces.
  4. Should it become necessary to suspend Library privileges of a patron in order to protect Library collections, facilities, or other patrons, notification of the suspension shall be made by the Library Director. Suspension may be lifted after the patron presents proof that his or her residence has been successfully treated for and eradicated of bed bugs by a licensed and accredited pest control company.
  5. Any customer that has privileges suspended under the terms of this policy may request a reevaluation of the suspension by the Board of Trustees

This Policy was adopted February 8, 2024.

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