Harriman Public Library Patron Conduct Policy


This code applies to the use of the library in person, by telephone, through computer networks, or other means as may be available. Any exception to this Code shall only be made with the permission of the library director or their designee. Individuals’ failure to comply with this code may result in their temporary or permanent exclusion from the library and library grounds.

a. Patrons will refrain from any behavior that interferes with:

  • The use of library property, materials, and services by other patrons
  • The ability of library employees to conduct library business
  • The safety of library patrons and employees
  • The library’s materials, facilities, or property

b. Examples of prohibited behavior include but are not limited to:

  • Leaving unsupervised or unattended children who are 12 years of age and under or unable to care for themselves
  • Making unreasonable noise including, but not limited to, loud talking, singing, other loud or disruptive noise, or noise from cell phone or audio/visual equipment usage
  • Using profane, obscene, or abusive language
  • Making racial, ethnic, religious, gender, or sexual orientation epithets
  • Harassing patrons or staff, including without limitation deliberate or repeated language or behavior that is intimidating, hostile, and/or offensive, or that adversely impacts staff work performance or patron use of the library
  • Intentionally damaging, destroying, or stealing property belonging to the
  • library, another patron, or staff
  • Running or engaging in horseplay
  • Lying down or sleeping, including giving the appearance of sleeping
  • Littering
  • Abusing or improperly using furniture, equipment, or materials
  • Soliciting and/or panhandling library patrons or staff, including but not limited to soliciting money and/or donations, and/or selling or attempting to sell merchandise to library patrons or staff
  • Posting or distributing literature without permission
  • Gambling
  • Blocking entrance to and/or exit from the building, monopolizing/obstructing space, seating table, or equipment to the exclusion of others
  • Trespassing, violating an eviction, entering library property when banned, or
  • remaining in library property after having been restricted or directed to leave
  • Fighting or challenging someone to fight, physical abuse, or assault
  • Engaging in or soliciting a sexual act, or indecent exposure
  • Improper dress including bare feet, no shirt, and uncovered swimsuits
  • Vandalizing Library facilities or equipment
  • Being under the influence, possessing drugs or alcohol, selling drugs or
  • alcoholic beverages
  • Bathing, shaving, or washing clothes on the premises
  • Bringing animals other than service animals to the library
  • Smoking, using tobacco, or using electronic nicotine delivery systems or similar products, such as e-cigarettes, in the Library or within fifty (SO) feet of the public entrance (a receptacle for discarding smoking paraphernalia is located right before the main steps into the library)
  • Eating or drinking in the Library except for scheduled refreshments in designated areas (i.e., reception, programs, etc.)
  • Using roller blades, roller skates, skateboards, spiked shoes, cleats, or other sports equipment in the Library or on Library property
  • Entering unauthorized workspaces or work areas or other non-public areas
  • Possessing weapons of any kind, either concealed or in plain view, in the Library, unless the person in possession of the weapon is a law enforcement officer
  • Violating the Library’s Computer Use Policy, or otherwise misusing computers
  • Violating other Library policies and or guidelines
  • Violating federal, state, and/or local law
  • Engaging in other acts disruptive to patrons and staff

c. Federal, state, and local laws

Patrons must comply with all federal, state, and local laws. Suspected illegal activity will be reported to the police. Violations of law may result in a patron being expelled from the Library, arrested, prosecuted, and/or other legal actions, as appropriate.

d. Cell phones and mobile devices

All personal electronic devices must be on “silent” or “vibrate” while in the library. Texting will be permitted, but all phone calls must be taken outside the library.

e. NO Excess bags- Only book bags, bag that will be used to study in the library, a diaper bag if children are in attendance and a purse.  All other bags will be left outside.

Adopted by Library Board on February 8, 2024

PDF copy of the policy